Voodoo Evolution 32R Body/Chassis Package & Accessories

Click the link above to download the Price List as a PDF file that can be saved and printed. The Voodoo Evolution 32R is available as a bare Body/Chassis Package with a range of Accessories that can be ordered individually. If the Body/Chassis Package & Accessories Pack (including all accessories) are ordered at the same time the total package is discounted by over $2,500.



32R for $32K DIY Build Parts List

We've done the homework, researched the parts, found the suppliers, and listed the retail prices to show it's a reality!

Click the link above to reveal a revolutionary build that will result in a high-performance Deuce roadster with improved ride comfort and handling that should be capable of a 12-second quarter-mile ET, 25+ mpg - and it's EPA-legal.

The '32R for $32K' features an all-alloy DOHC V8, 4-speed overdrive automatic transmission, adjustable aluminum shocks, four wheel disc brakes, rack & pinion steering, front & rear Watts links, H-rated (130 mph) radial tires and classic mag wheels, with parts from leading suppliers such as Flaming River, SoCal Speed Shop, Mr Roadster, QA1, Art Morrison, Vintique, Speedway Motors, Stewart Warner, and Pirelli.

All this, added to the unique performance features that only the carbon fiber, space-frame Evolution 32R offers, including a target weight under 2000 lbs.