At Voodoo Hot Rods we've taken a radically different approach to manufacturing hot rod bodies compared to conventional fiberglass reproductions.

Our carbon fiber bodies more closely follow the design principles of modern automobiles that feature a thin external steel shell supported by a substantial internal crash structure. However in place of steel, Voodoo Evolution bodies are cloaked in an advanced composite carbon fiber skin that achieves significant weight reduction.

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Voodoo Evolution bodies are manufactured using high temperature epoxy resin, a semi-syntactic core, with carbon and Kevlar® woven fabrics vacuum bagged and oven cured to result in high stiffness with minimum weight.

Epoxy resin is used because it exceeds the performance of polyester resins commonly used in fiberglass products. Offering superior adhesion to reinforcing fiber, greater mechanical strength, and higher temperature tolerance, epoxy resin better matches the high performance of carbon and Kevlar® fiber.

Panels feature 'sandwich' construction incorporating a core throughout the center of the panel that features microballoons to limit resin absorption and excess weight.

Panel edges are approximately 1/8" thick, just like a steel body....

Laminated with twill weave carbon, Kevlar® and hybrid carbon/Kevlar® fabrics these advanced composites are processed into finished components under vacuum to eliminate entrapped air, followed by post-curing in an industrial oven using sophisticated temperature regimes.

At Voodoo Hot Rods we've optimized material selection to develop high tech automotive bodies that dramatically reduce weight, that when combined with a Voodoo Evolution chassis provide increased torsional rigidity, passenger protection, and ultimate performance. Click to read about the Voodoo Evolution 32R Roadster.


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