Voodoo Hot Rods are manufactured by an Australian-owned company staffed by a small team of dedicated hot rodders, composite technicians and skilled fabricators. Hand-crafted to meet exacting standards using a mix of traditional skills and modern technology, Voodoo Hot Rods are available in strictly limited numbers. They're exclusive, not in terms of price but due to their unique features and limited production.

As every Voodoo Evolution 32R is hand-built, Voodoo Hot Rods can incorporate unique features requested by customers during fabrication, such as longer wheelbase, hidden hinges, suicide doors, and body channeling. It is far better to incorporate such modifications during fabrication than to retrospectively apply them, which not only compromises quality but generally costs more. Don't hesitate to discuss with us unique ideas you'd like to see in your Voodoo Evolution 32R.

A hallmark product, where the history of every Voodoo Evolution hot rod is documented...

Every Voodoo Evolution 32R has a unique ID number based on the year it was ordered and the number produced that year. ID numbers start at '01' for each year, for example '01/2012'.

Being the first commercially available carbon fiber/Kevlar® '32 roadster body with a tubular steel space frame chassis, we consider every purchase an investment in hot rodding history and appreciate the importance that verifiable records can add to the future value of every vehicle.

In addition to information contained in the original purchase order, owners have the option to update Voodoo Hot Rods with new information. For example if ownership changes, appearance or drivetrain modifications are made, or Voodoo Evolution accessories are added.

For hot rodding aficionados the last decade has witnessed a dramatic rise in the value of ground-breaking hot rods with a documented history that are now accepted by the wider public as a bona fide legacy of American culture. Keeping the rodding world informed, the select group of Voodoo Evolution 32R owners have the exclusive opportunity to have information about their vehicle appear on the Voodoo Hot Rods website.

Voodoo Hot Rods also undertakes manufacture of automotive, motorcycle, industrial and special interest components for clients. We produce composite bodies and panels for the reproduction and motorsport industries, in addition to fabricating chassis and suspension components. We specialize in cost-effective solutions for production volumes as low as twenty units and our proprietary production techniques ensure highly competitive prices. Please inquire if we can assist you with a special project.