At Voodoo Hot Rods we didn't set out to manufacture yet another fiberglass reproduction body and stamped steel chassis. The challenge was to dramatically improve the breed, in a package that has all the hallmarks of the original Deuce.

Revolution in the Voodoo Evolution 32R is what lies below the surface. Beauty is more than skin deep, with advanced composites that shave hundreds of pounds in weight, improved torsional rigidity, a killer low stance with increased axle travel, optimized suspension geometry, and greater passenger protection. All are modern day factors that reproductions ignore in their quest for originality.

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At Voodoo Hot Rods we reset the reproduction paradigm, being the first to go beyond copying 80 year-old technology by redesigning the Deuce roadster from the ground up using high-tech composite materials, advanced structural design, and sophisticated manufacturing processes.

The Voodoo Evolution 32R incorporates the first commercially available hot rod body manufactured from epoxy/carbon and Kevlar® fiber using production techniques common to the aerospace industry. The use of such advanced materials and processes represents a landmark in the evolution of the street rod market, introducing a new era of sophistication and performance.

The lightweight Voodoo Evolution 32R enables the use of smaller displacement or less powerful engines to achieve equivalent power-to-weight ratio - saving owners the cost of expensive, heavy duty, heavy weight, high-performance transmissions, rear axles and brakes.

If you love the tradition of a flathead V8, a Voodoo Hot Rod will result in better all-around performance from a reliable, mildly worked early Ford sidevalve engine and drivetrain. Alternatively, if you want to dust off the competition, combine a Voodoo Evolution 32R with a modern high performance V8.

Voodoo Hot Rods applied the same philosophy when developing the Voodoo Evolution 32R chassis. Fabricated from high quality 1026 grade seamless DOM steel tubing, the chassis offers significantly greater torsional stiffness and is virtually undetectable on a finished roadster.

Featuring one-piece upper and lower tubular rails formed to mimic a Deuce frame that's been pinched, bobbed, pie-cut, mini-tubbed and Z'd - the Voodoo Hot Rods chassis eliminates the engineering compromises and substantial cost to modify stamped reproduction rails. Importantly the Voodoo Evolution 32R chassis features a comprehensive integral roll cage that's hidden from view.

We're focused on hot rodders' desire to craft excellence, and the limitations using reproduction parts...

 Voodoo Hot Rods push the envelope of convention and we expect the Evolution 32R to stir up controversy. Some will embrace the advanced technology, engineering and performance benefits while hard-core hot rodders for whom 'steel is real' may well cry foul.

However integrating new technologies into yesteryear's cars follows exactly in the footsteps of hot rodding tradition that started simply enough swapping newer, more powerful engines into older cars. Booming after WWII, hot rodding sophistication went up a few notches when returning servicemen began applying their experience as mechanics and engineers into pre-war cars. Today's most respected names in hot rodding history were innovators in their day, mavericks who incorporated fighter aircraft features such as space frames, lightweight alloys, fuel injection and supercharging into hot rods.

An artform with its roots buried deep in the spirit of individualism, hot rodding has always been about integrating today's technologies into classic cars in the pursuit of higher performance.

Voodoo Hot Rods are strictly limited editions avaiable for discerning enthusiasts who seek tradition but not at the expense of comprormise. Representing exceptional value, the Voodoo Evolution 32R Body & Chassis is priced from $15,950 when the Accessory Pack is ordered at additional cost.

Owners will belong to an exclusive group as only ten Voodoo Evolution 32Rs will be available for order in 2012, twenty units in 2013, and plans are for a maximum of thirty-two individually numbered roadsters worldwide from 2014.

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